A fantastic evening at Petworth House


This job certainly does have its highlights and last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the amazing Petworth House. Buried deep into the Sussex country side I was both amazed and delighted to find that this place even existed. 


So a little bit of history… Petworth has been a family home for over 800 years and the family still live in a small part of the house today (it has 40 bedrooms). The house was made for parties and all of the rooms are made for showing off, with beautiful paintings and decor. The National Trust has taken care of the building for over 50 years and its open to the public to look around. I questioned the curator as to wether he knew the names of everyone in the paintings and amazingly he did!


So why did I go? Well for the first time ever, the house is open for private events and in particular weddings! I went to a press launch of the house and even had a private tour of the famous paintings on loan from places like the Tate and the National Gallery. We all huddled round the fire to keep warm and ate our way through delicious canapes and drank cocktails late into the evening. 

It was an excellent way to spend a cold January evening and the puddings were amazing!


Beautiful Borough Market


I was so happy to finally make a trip to Borough Market on Saturday! Firstly I had no idea that the shard was basically on top of London Bridge station, I have never been this close to it and it is ridiculously tall!


So Borough Market is great! It has a beautiful selection of foods from around the world and some great warm cider and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to dive into the first thing you come across but we decided to walk around first and see everything that was on offer. The smells of freshly cooked sausages and warm cheese fondue were the perfect cure for our hangovers. I quickly settled on a yummy pie from Pie Minister and it was delicious. http://www.pieminister.co.uk/



Those of you who know me well will know that I have a small cup cake obsession so I was so excited to come across these gems just off London Bridge station. They are so pretty and I did resist eating one because of my Jan detox but I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Borough Market is open every day, but Saturday is the best day for trying some great local produce and taking in the surroundings.



I finally had a spare afternoon and decided there was no better way to spend it then in a restaurant. After meeting my best friend on Oxford street we quickly decided that food and warmth was needed! This is where Bubbledogs came in, I had heard so much about this little place that I was so excited to finally be heading there. It was about 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and after worrying about having to queue for ages we were happy to see the wait wasn’t too long.

Bubbledogs is all about hot dogs and champagne so of course we order two glasses of ice cold champagne and two hot dogs. I had the 4th of July which was a hot dog wrapped in bacon with bbq sauce and coleslaw. The perfect amount and very delicious. My friend had the BLT which was bacon wrapped with caramelized lettuce and truffle mayo. We also teamed our yummy hot dogs with some sweet potato fries.


The atmosphere was great and the staff were really friendly. A successful trip and a great experience if your looking for something a little different for lunch today. You can’t book so make so too arrive early or at about 2pm so that you don’t have to wait to long.






This Saturday I decided to go to a blogger meet and great at the brilliant B-Soho just off Oxford Street. The event was hosted by Rosie from The Londoner and was buzzing with eager young bloggers with lots of different types of blogs and ideas to share. B-Soho is a great place for socialising and great pizza. It is also nerve racking walking into a busy restaurant and not knowing anyone but nerves were soon settled after a mutual decision that cocktails were the only way to get over the cold weather.

As a first timer to the blogger scene I soon learnt that my iPhone is not up to scratch as everyone had much better and professional cameras. So to see some better pictures and read some great blogs then check out Beth, Holly, Sophie and Thalia‘s blogs for some great reading!



A very snowy Friday

As another week back at work draws to a close and the heavens fully open and give London a coating of the white stuff, I start to reminisce of those summery evenings that didn’t leave us walking home in pitch black on an ice skating rink! So here it is my guide to the beautiful sea side town of Falmouth.

Right down in the depths of Cornwall is Falmouth, the small sleepy seaside town that gets rammed with eager students every September. We then fight our ways through the cold and windy Cornish winter and await summer. Summer is of course when Cornwall is best but there are some great things to do in these frosty months too!

The first is too enjoy the coastline. Whatever the weather the Cornish coastline is absolutely beautiful. It is full of beaches, coastal cliff walks and long promenades with shops and cafes to warm up in. So wrap up warm and blow away the cobwebs with a stroll along the coastline.

Take advantage of the low season and head to the best restaurants in town while they are not to busy. Falmouth has some amazing hidden gems and some great bars as well. My favourite Falmouth restaurant is the Gylly Beach Cafe. This restaurant uses the freshest local ingredients and makes some of the most delicious Natchos I have ever eaten. It is located right on Gyllyngvase beach and has seats outside with heaters if your brave enough to be outside. The food is always amazing and the atmosphere is always buzzing especially on a Sunday where they have live music.

Falmouth beach

If your looking for a place to stay then look no further than the St Michael’s Hotel. This is a modern hotel with a seaside feel and one I would always recommend to anyone wanting a place to stay in Falmouth. The flying fish restaurant within the hotel is great for some locally sourced fish dishes and excellent cocktails. It also has a beautiful spa with a very relaxing pool, sauna and steam rooms.


Falmouth has some fantastic bars. Compared to the likes of London and some of the other big cities Falmouth isn’t anything big. The pubs and clubs have a great music scene and some local DJ’s have some of the greatest mixes I have heard. The places are small and intimate and teamed with Cornish Cider you’re sure to have an excellent night night. My absolute favourite is a great bar called The Shed. It serves some amazingly unique cocktails all topped off with some sweats and a smile.

So if the weather is getting you down just turn that frosty frown upside and remember some of the better things that can come out of colder weather.


Satsuma – Japanese in Soho

Finding somewhere quick and easy to eat on a busy Saturday night in the heart of London’s Soho can always be a bit tricky especially when very hungry and cold! However due to these circumstances I was happy to come across Satsuma.

The cosy orange atmosphere was buzzing with late night eaters and the staff were friendly and helpful. We waited around 10 minutes for a table but were able to view the menu during this time. As an unexperienced eater of Japanese food I was intrigued by some of the items on the menu but settled for Terriaki Salmon and rice, polished off with a delicious vodka, martini and passionfruit cocktail interestingly named “the rock star”.

The food was delicious and came out promptly. However if your looking to save some pennies perhaps opt for some wine instead of a cocktail as this turned out to be the most expensive item on our bill!

Dinner for 2 with drinks £35


Fancy a snog?


While on a busy shopping spree to Westfield we decided to treat ourselves to a little treat from Snog. Snog is the answer to frozen yogart and with its clever branding and delicious flavours it was a great almost guilt free snack. You can choose which ever flavour you like for your yogart and then pile it high with fruit or with chocolate treats if your not trying a post christmas diet like us!

Snog has 5 locations all over London and also manages to employ some incredibly good looking staff. So if you are yet to have your first snog then head to one of their stores.