Hunger calls for Wahaca

Now all you non Londoners may not be familiar with Wahaca so for those special people I will provide a quick summary… Wahaca is basically Mexican street food on plates and in jazzy restaurants instead of on the street. They have 9 restaurants dotted around London and are a great place to meet friends for something a little more imaginative. You can mix and match a variety of dishes or choose something a little bigger. I met two of my favourite Londoners for a pre cinema dinner at the London Westfield, we wanted something quick and tasty that would hopefully satisfy all!


At first the menu may look a little intimidating with all those Mexican words that no one can pronounce, but read on and into the blurb and you’ll soon get an idea of what everything is. We started this Mexican feast with some Guacamole and Salsa with tortilla chip. Really good and freshly made, so much better than the supermarkets attempt. Nice pots too!

IMG_0908 IMG_0909

After a lot of debate about what to have we all choose a selection of dishes, I went for the Pork pibil tacos which were a delicious combination of sticky pulled pork in a spicy marinade with soft tacos. I teamed these with some marinated chicken taquitos which were crispy and delicious.


With full bellies we left the restaurant and were met by two other great men called Ben and Jerry. We settled down to a Disney adventure on the big screen and lived happily ever after.


G.I.Joe: Retaliation – London Premiere

Very last minute on a Monday evening I was asked if I wanted to go to the premiere of G.I.Joe: Retaliation and after some debate as to wether it was my kind of film I realised that I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. After then being told I would be walking the red carpet I grabbed some heals, brushed on some make up and rushed to Leicester Square in the hope that Channing Tatum might propose… one can dream! True hollywood fashion came to London, rain and all! Umbrella’s were the best accessory and I was quite happy to be in jeans rather than a sparkly dress like the film’s stars.


My camera annoyingly didn’t come to work with me on Monday so photos are from the hundreds of professional photographers who were on the red carpet. After hunting for Channing Tatum and having no luck we made our way into the theatre and took our seats in front of the biggest cinema screen I have ever seen. Another plus about premieres is that you get free popcorn and pretty snazzy 3D glasses.


So the film was the manliest film I have ever witnessed, thank god for G.I. Jane and her womanly charms. But overall it was good! Lots of action (obviously), lots of muscle (you probably want to hit the gym hard after watching this), a lot of cheesy one liners and some fantastic abs.

The graphics were also pretty spectacular and having the 3D element made me jump a few times but that’s because I’m a wimp. The Rock somehow looks more like a burnt potato in this film than any other and the entire cast also manage to retain a fantastic tan throughout the whole ordeal. I realise I’m not the target audience for this film but the boys seemed to have enjoyed it. There is no hard hitting story line but that’s not it’s aim. If you want some (a lot) of action and enjoy watching The Rock’s arms then you’ll enjoy it. It’s in cinemas Wednesday 27th March 2013. Enjoy!


Burgers at BKB

On these cold March evenings I feel like we should be out enjoying ourselves and try to forget about how absolutely freezing cold it is outside. This feeling led me to booking a table at BKB – a great restaurant in the heart of Soho. I booked a table purely because that seems like a luxury with London restaurants these days, however I’m glad I did as the place quickly filled up. Having been starving all day I was happy to sit down on a cosy sofa and look at their incredibly reasonably priced menu and eat some of their freshly baked bread dipped into oil.

After a lot of debating about what to eat we both settled for a burger. There is a lot of competition in London at the moment about burgers, with everyone fighting to be the best.


This was a pretty good one. The meat was tender and very juicy, the bun was light and fluffy and the lettuce gave it that needed crunch. I wouldn’t give them many points for presentation and who even likes those pickles? The chips were also slightly debatable! I have a soft spot for the fries at The Diner at the moment and these were terrible in comparison, a bit soggy and lots of burnt bits! However I did like that it was served in a silver pot.


Overall staff were friendly, it had a good atmosphere and the burgers hit the spot perfectly.

Mother’s Day and The Wool Pack


Mother’s Day is obviously a very important day. It gives us kids a chance to show our Mother’s that we really do appreciate all the things that they do for us, big and small. This year after showering Mother bear with chocolates, flowers and a lot of booze we headed to The Wool Pack Inn for a traditional Sunday lunch.


The Wool Pack Inn is a lovely pub right in the heart of Hampshire in a tiny village called Totfod near Winchester. It’s a great place to escape (no phone signal) and the food is excellent. I’ve been in London for the last couple of weeks and have actually really missed the country pubs and the cosy atmosphere that they hold. The menu has all the traditional favourites as well as some modern cuisine to tempt the tastebuds.

DSC01235 DSC01236

My brother and I started with a sharing platter which went down very well. The scotch eggs were delicious and the different meats and fish were the perfect way to start a meal.


I had the fish and chips. A classic that had some of the best mushy peas I have ever tasted.

DSC01240 DSC01241

Other family members indulged in the roast beef which looked amazing, and a classic burger with all the trimmings. After deciding that we were all far to full for pudding we left the cosy pub and headed to my Grandma’s house for tea, cake and of course Sunday 6 Nations. My cousins some how had energy for pogo sticks…


I took a leaf out of my Granddad’s book and curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and some yummy cakes which I was too full to fully appreciate.


A perfect Sunday and so nice to be home, back to the big city tomorrow on a very early train.


Cocktail masterclass at Gallery Mess

Gallery Mess are launching a new cocktail menu and to celebrate they put on a cocktail masterclass for bloggers and journalists. There were three cocktails on the menu for us to make: White Truffle Martini, Tommy’s Margarita, and Fig & Liquorice Caipirinha.


Our cocktail master for the evening was Mike who impressed us all with his excellent shaker skills and impressive knowledge about the liquor. He gave a demonstration and then it was up to us to try our best efforts to make our cocktails look and taste something like his.

DSC01205 DSC01223

After a lot of tasting, drinking and shaking some much needed food was handed round. Delicious canapes and bowl foods from the kitchens at Gallery Mess who are managed by “rhubarb”. Smoked salmon blinis, wild mushrooms in brioche with hollandaise, rosemary tinged rare seared beef were amongst some of the delights on offer.

DSC01211 DSC01220

The evening was held at Gallery Mess, a stunning restaurant and bar in Sloane Square just off the King’s Road. Gallery Mess has a great terrace to enjoy in the summer as well as a spacious restaurant with some of the Saatchi Galleries art splashed across the walls. Visit the Gallery Mess online to find out more.

GetAttachment-1.aspx GetAttachment.aspx

Sunday Sanctuary at Bar Galante

There is no better way to relax on a Sunday than with cocktails, delicious mint and honey tea, my girl crush Mila Kunis on the big screen, massages and great company and all for free!? What’s the catch you may ask, well there isn’t one. All you need to do is email the lovely people at Bar Galante located near South Kensington tube station and RSVP for the Sunday Sanctuary. It’s girls only so sorry boys but you’ll have to find somewhere else to get your nails done!

IMG_0871 IMG_0869

Did I mention that we also got given goody bags. They were from Bliss beauty which is a great salon just across the road. The goodies inside smell amazing and were another added perk to a lovely Sunday. We may have also had a cheeky lunch at The Diner in Covent Garden before hand, I needed a burger fix.


The bar does do a lovely selection of snacks to keep you going while you snuggle into their sofas and enjoy some much needed girl time! Cheers everyone!