Picks of the week


1 – Uber Ice Cream

Uber is the app that everyone is raving about and for TODAY only it’s serving ice cream. You can read all about this clever little invention and order you ice cream delivery to your door here.


2 – Monster’s Inc University

Pixar have done it again with another excellent film. It was funny, scary, I think I cried… and overall a fantastic watch for all ages! You have to wonder how they can top this one. Watch the trailer here.


3. David Beckham

Need I really say more… Probably not but Becks has been showing his pretty little face all over town in the new Sky sports advert. I’m probably the last person to admit that I’m excited about football season but if it means more Becks then I’m keen.


4. The London heat wave

It’s expected to hit 35 degrees next week which is just crazy! What have you been doing to cool off? Luckily my office is like an igloo so i’ve been shivering all week! At least this horse got the right idea…



5 – Burger delivery

New from Chosen Bun is a delivery service that will give you that burger fix you desire without the long queues. You can read all about it here. Can’t wait to test it out!



Tom’s Kitchen – Chelsea


I was searching online for the best brunch in London, I realise this is pretty big claim to make so was happy to discover that Tom’s Kitchen lived up to its expectations.

I started my brunch with an incredibly healthy and green juice drink. It was apple, cucumber and mint and although it resembled something horrible it was actually rather delicious. I did have to ask for a lot of ice as London is in it’s heat wave and nothing but ice cold will do.


Next came the task of choosing my brunch – with so much choice I really didn’t know what to go for and settled on something I would never attempt at home – Eggs Royal

IMG_1588 IMG_1582

They were perfect! Eggs excellently cooked with the perfect amount of runny yolk and a creamy hollandaise over some smoked salmon. The eggs are also from Cornwall which instantly makes them better. I once learnt that if they yolk is more on the orange side then it is very fresh and free range. Who knows why, maybe they feed their hens Wotsits.

My “vegetarian” friend who gets less vegetarian by the day went for the same but with the crispy bacon addition.


The star of the show was probably the blueberry waffles with cream but they got eaten so fast that I couldn’t take a picture…

However I was very impressed with Tom’s as I had totally forgotten that I had requested a little something extra to say a massive congratulations to my friend who had just climbed kilimanjaro. As some spoons arrived instead of our bill we were all baffled but then this arrived…


I mean it’s never to early for ice cream…

The Henley Regatta

A couple of weeks ago was the Henley Royal Regatta. A must for any sport lover and a great day out on the whole. London was at the start of it’s heatwave and what better excuse to sport a sundress then by the river in Henley. About an hours train from Paddington is the beautiful town of Henley, it’s annual Regatta attracts young and old, families, friends and couples, it’s a great place to picnic on the water front and watch the world go by.


The Regatta lines the banks of the river and is covered with tents, food vans, people, picnics, lots of pimms and some lounges as well.

IMG_1512 IMG_1513

We decided to spend the afternoon in The River Lounge. Operated by “rhubarb” the lounge is situation right next to the start line and is the perfect place to watch the racing action as well as catch up with friends over Pimms.

IMG_1540 IMG_1537

As well as an endless supply of jugs of Pimms there was also a delicious afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches, brownies, scones and cakes in every variety.



You can learn all about “rhubarb” and the Henley Regatta here. Make sure to book your spot for next year and hopefully we will get some weather as amazing as it’s been this summer!


An experimental weekend!

I was asked to make some cupcakes for a charity event on Saturday so quickly started to rack my brains for ideas of varieties I could make. I settled on raspberry cupcakes with butter icing, chocolate chip and double chocolate and then to mix things up a bit I added in a Mars Bar variety.

IMG_1417 IMG_1420

Whilst I waited for raspberry ones to cook through I started on the Mars ones. The recipe follows the same as the regular cupcake recipe but instead of chocolate chips you add chopped up Mars. I used 4 normal sized Mars Bar’s and then used one for the topping. The icing was also a bit different, I used a regular butter icing recipe but added golden syrup and coco powder to make a deliciously sweet and chocolatey icing.


They turned out pretty well and the others did as well…

IMG_1452 IMG_1446


Jasper quite liked the idea of having some too…


A perfect sunny weekend was then topped off with a trip on my grandparents boat. I went in the sea and it was FREEZING but the views were stunning and the sun was shining! I never know why I left the seaside when ever I return.