An experimental weekend!

I was asked to make some cupcakes for a charity event on Saturday so quickly started to rack my brains for ideas of varieties I could make. I settled on raspberry cupcakes with butter icing, chocolate chip and double chocolate and then to mix things up a bit I added in a Mars Bar variety.

IMG_1417 IMG_1420

Whilst I waited for raspberry ones to cook through I started on the Mars ones. The recipe follows the same as the regular cupcake recipe but instead of chocolate chips you add chopped up Mars. I used 4 normal sized Mars Bar’s and then used one for the topping. The icing was also a bit different, I used a regular butter icing recipe but added golden syrup and coco powder to make a deliciously sweet and chocolatey icing.


They turned out pretty well and the others did as well…

IMG_1452 IMG_1446


Jasper quite liked the idea of having some too…


A perfect sunny weekend was then topped off with a trip on my grandparents boat. I went in the sea and it was FREEZING but the views were stunning and the sun was shining! I never know why I left the seaside when ever I return.




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