Picks of the week


1 – Uber Ice Cream

Uber is the app that everyone is raving about and for TODAY only it’s serving ice cream. You can read all about this clever little invention and order you ice cream delivery to your door here.


2 – Monster’s Inc University

Pixar have done it again with another excellent film. It was funny, scary, I think I cried… and overall a fantastic watch for all ages! You have to wonder how they can top this one. Watch the trailer here.


3. David Beckham

Need I really say more… Probably not but Becks has been showing his pretty little face all over town in the new Sky sports advert. I’m probably the last person to admit that I’m excited about football season but if it means more Becks then I’m keen.


4. The London heat wave

It’s expected to hit 35 degrees next week which is just crazy! What have you been doing to cool off? Luckily my office is like an igloo so i’ve been shivering all week! At least this horse got the right idea…



5 – Burger delivery

New from Chosen Bun is a delivery service that will give you that burger fix you desire without the long queues. You can read all about it here. Can’t wait to test it out!



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