Shake Shack – Covent Garden

The hype over the American Shake Shack burger chain arriving to London has been massive. It was therefore only right to go and check it out!

Considering we went mid week there was still a pretty big queue. But the staff keep you busy by giving you menus and little tasters of Lemonade.


The burger menu is quite expensive as well as some hot dogs. However the frozen custard seemed to take over the bulk of the menu, as well as the menu for dogs in the bottom right hand corner… odd! I chose the shack burger with bacon and cheesy fries. No pudding though, i’ll have to save room for that next time.


The burger itself was good. The bun was light and fluffy probably because it is made with potato flour which is lighter. The bacon was crisp and lettuce was fresh and crunchy. I wasn’t blown away and do think there are better burger places in London but Shake Shack have impressive branding and a good reputation. However I was not impressed with the cheesy chips, the cheese was really odd tasting and fake! Better to order those minus the cheese.


It is worth a visit if you’re in Covent Garden but only on a sunny day as most of the seating is outside. They also sell the best baby grows…


“friends who shack together, stay together”


2 thoughts on “Shake Shack – Covent Garden

  1. I thought Shake Shack was tasty but quite pricey for the size of the burger, especially compared to say Meat Liquor. I want to try the frozen custard!

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