Chocolate heaven at William Curely

The master chocolatiers at William Curely have come up with what can only be described as the best idea ever! A 5 course meal completely devoted to desserts. I know the blog has been laking in content recently but i’ve had a busy few months and am now back and thought this chocolatey post was the perfect starter!


William Curley is an upmarket dessert and chocolate bar located in Richmond, Belgravia and Harrods. We visited the Belgravia store and were very happy to perch up on the dessert bar to hide from the cold.

The menu went something like this..

Chocolate Granita

Jasmine ice-cream with strawberry compote

Blackberry & honeycomb cranachan

Pinapple tarte tatin with vanilla icecream

Chocolate millefeuille with chocolate sorbet and cherries

Petit fours

IMG_2551 IMG_2553


The favourite for me was the Chocolate millefeuille with chocolate sorbet and cherries, a great final dish for two very full ladies. We couldn’t manage the petit fours but they put them into bags for us to take home. The chocolate bar has great chocolate classes, perfect for beating those January blues – find out more here!


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