One thing I love about London is that each place is totally different. Half an hour on the Northern line and I found myself in Camdem. Known for it’s whacky hair styles, outrageous dress sense and market atmosphere, it’s a fun and interesting place to wonder around on a Sunday afternoon. However my trip to Camdem had a purpose as myself and a friend had tickets for Fuerzabruta at Camden´s legendary Roundhouse.

A quick burger and a cheeky glass of fizz at The Diner which I last blogged about on Pancake Day but this time was purely for burger cravings and they were satisfied!


On entering the Roundhouse we dropped our coats into the clock room (highly advised) and made our way to the main room. Having no idea what to expect, there was a sense of anticipation and butterflies. We were plunged into darkness and told a few house rules before the show started. I don’t want to give too much away in case you go and see it but there were some surprises and a lot of special effects.


The highlight was probably when a pool of water with a see through bottom was lowered to just above our heads and you could watch the actors close up.


The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone got involved in the end. The actors had so much energy, I don’t know how they kept it up for the whole hour.


Flying Crane 6.JPG

A must see if you are looking for something a little different to your average west end show.


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