Ultimate homemade burgers

As much as going out for a good burger fills me with joy it’s just terrible when you our expecting the best and then are horribly let down. I recently had a very good burger at the new American joint in town Jackson & Rye. Very good all American restaurant but sometimes Best of British wins! That is why my home made burgers are worth a try.


For these burgers you will need (to make two large or 4 small) 500g of good quality beef mince (not lean), finely chopped red onion, italian herbs, paprika, cheese of your choice (I choose goats cheese), lambs lettuce, burger buns, sauces of choice (garlic mayo and ketchup usually works).

To make the burgers (you may get messy)… In a large bowl combine the minced meet, finely chopped onion, herbs, paprika and a little salt and pepper. Mix these well and turn the mixture into 2 large beef patties or 4 small ones. Poke your cheese into the middle of the meat so that it is completely covered. Now place in the fridge for as long as you can wait, 30 minutes should do (ideally you can do this the day before). The colder the meat the better it will stay stuck together when you cook it. You can fry, bbq, grill or oven bake your burgers. Place in the flying pan and leave them to cook on one side for about 3 minutes or until nicely coloured and then flip, cook for a further 5 minutes or until cooked through.


Building your burger is totally up to you. I like to add a smothering of ketchup, a heap of lettuce, mushrooms, onion, blob of garlic mayo, the glorious meat of course and then just hope the lid fits on. Delicious and the perfect way to say good bye to the Jan detox!



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