Buddy’s with my buddies

I recently had a very relaxing weekend at home. Despite the horrendous weather it was great to be back in the country, breathing some fresh air and hiding away from the hustle and bustle of London. Amongst many other culinary delights I visited Buddy’s for a catch up breakfast with the two most important men in my life!


Buddy’s Diner is an American style restaurant and bar on Jewry Street in Winchester. It is a fab little place that could probably do with a make over but the food is great and the atmosphere is buzzing. Their milkshakes are thick and creamy and perfect if you’re feeling a little fuzzy from the night before. Dad and Ollie slurped on a banana and a Oreo cookie milkshake while a settled for the largest hot chocolate known to man. Perfect for warming up from the torrential rain outside.


Buddy’s have an extensive breakfast menu but the pancakes took favour! Dad had his with blueberries infused into the batter whilst Ollie and I settled for bacon and maple syrup! The portions were huge, and this was the smaller option! Their pancakes have stiff competition with the pancakes from The Diner but i’ll have to wait till Pancake Day to test those babies again!


Full and happy we headed home with the promise to return for more monster pancakes and milkshakes! So grab your buddy and head to buddies! You can find their menu and book a table here.


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